Biohazard Cleaning UK
'Where We lead, the
Others fail to follow'.
Once a property has been vacated of bad tenants, squatters or even drug manufacturers,
the  property owner can  be faced with anything from a drug processing laboratory to a
building full of sharps, hypodermic needles, faeces or food waste. Biohazard Cleaning
UK can draw upon years of experience to remove such items from the property in a
swift, safe and discreet manner.
All items removed from the property are either incinerated, sterilised or
disposed of at
the relevant licensed waste facility depending on the type of waste removed.
Once the property has been cleared of hazardous items such as sharps, needles,
bodily fluids and faeces, the task of cleaning the property can begin.
Biohazard Cleaning UK uses the most advanced viricidal, biocidal and enzyme
chemicals to deep clean, deodorise and sterilise the property.  
The most advanced deep cleaning equipment is used to ensure all traces of
hazardous substances present are eradicated from the property. Throughout
and after the cleaning process our team of specialist cleaners monitor levels of
bacteria present within the property using swab testing techniques and high
powered 'Ultraviolet light' technology. We aim to complete a vacant
property clean as swiftly as possible to allow the client and trades people safe     
access to all areas of the building.
Pigeons carry a host of harmful diseases which are associated with serious bacterial
infections such as meningitis, salmonella, E.coli, listeria and ornithosis.
These infections have the potential to make even the healthiest of people extremely
ill or in the worst case scenario the infection can be fatal.

Pigeon droppings can also pose less obvious dangers to members of the public such
as a slip hazard on pavements and walkways.
As a result, walkways where pigeon faeces collect must be cleared and preventative   
measures put in place to reduce the  risk of accidents to members of the public.
Pigeon fouling is classed as harmful biowaste and requires a specialist cleaning         
company such as Biohazard Cleaning UK to deal with the faeces in a controlled and  
professional manner.

Before any disturbance of a contaminated area we treat the pigeon droppings with a
specifically designed biocide and insecticide to kill all bacteria and insects
associated with pigeon droppings. All pigeon faeces and waste matter must then be
disposed of by means of sterilisation or incineration.

Biohazard Cleaning UK can then advise the client on preventative measures such as
bird netting or ultrasonic noise deterrents  to control further pigeon fouling.

We will also advise the client on their responsibility to members of the public or staff
on issues such as Health and Safety policy and Environmental issues regarding
pigeon faeces.
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TEL: 07779031737