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Tel: 07779031737

tel: 07779031737

sharps cleaning
It is extremely important that sharps such as hypodermic
needles, syringes, razor blades etc.. are removed and disposed
of in a controlled and safe manner. Sharps waste can carry
deadly diseases and if not disposed of correctly, will spread
serious infections to all persons that come into contact with it.
Biohazard Cleaning UK operate a 24/7 rapid response service
throughout the UK. We work with councils, the emergency
services, housing associations, private landlords and members
of the public to guarantee the removal of dangerous sharp
objects are disposed of safely and legally.
We can help from the initial contact with the client - offering
advice on health and safety and environmental issues regarding
sharps clearing.
We can then safely remove the sharps and
transport them to be
disposed of at a licensed biohazard waste facility.

Biohazard Cleaning UK is highly trained in examining large
areas of waste, enclosed spaces, industrial environments etc..
and conducting needle sweeps of the area. We guarantee all
sharps are removed prior to the area being decontaminated,
cleaning all body fluids and eradicating the risk of infection.
Body fluids associated with sharps such as used needles can
harbour a number of serious infections such as hepatitis, HIV or
aids. With this in mind, we have a team of highly trained
specialised cleaners to ensure this is done correctly in full
accordance with current Health & Safety regulations.
All needles, syringes and sharps collected during a needle
sweep are stored in government regulation sharps containers
until they reach a Biohazard waste facility to be destroyed.
Biohazard Cleaning UK offers this service to private landlords,
housing associations, council housing departments and
property developers. Unfortunately not all tenants leave a
property as they found it and many vacant or 'void' buildings fall
prey to squatters. Rubbish, human waste and used needles are
just some of the hazards associated with a property which has
been occupied by squatters.
A typical drug den can harbour many different hazards to the
public starting with the possible presence of sharps, used
needles or other drug paraphernalia. Another risk within a drug
den is the possible presence of chemical processing agents as
in crystal meth (Methamphetamine). There is also an
extremely high risk of blood, bodily fluids, faeces being
present which can harbour virus such as Hepatitis or HIV.
In the past government controls on industrial chemicals in the
UK was effective in stopping individuals from manufacturing
illegal drugs within a drug laboratory. The introduction of Crystal
Meth, (Methamphetamine) has allowed individuals to
manufacture the drug in home made 'Meth Labs' due to basic
level of chemicals required to manufacture the drug. Combining
these chemicals is hazardous to any human who enters a 'Meth
Lab' for however a short period of time.
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