Biohazard Cleaning UK can react to any form of emergency
cleaning 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. We have a
specialised team of experienced, highly trained staff, using the
latest equipment and dedicated emergency response vehicles to
cope with any situation anywhere in the UK.
Forms of emergency cleaning include:

Fire restoration cleaning
Flood cleaning
Sewage cleaning
Accident Cleaning
Natural disaster cleaning
Biohazard Cleaning UK has assisted a large number of clients
with cost effective solutions to fire damaged properties.     
We have years of fire restoration knowledge and combine it with
the most advanced, state of the art equipment and highly
trained operatives we are competent to deal with any fire

Biohazard Cleaning UK provides a 24 hours a day, 365 days of
the year, nationwide emergency service. Our restoration
specialists will make a detailed assessment of the fire or smoke
damaged area and will work quickly and effectively to minimize
the disruption, helping to get you through the rebuilding
Biohazard Cleaning UK can draw upon years of experience to
help clients with many aspects of flood cleaning, from a burst
sewer pipe within a shopping centre to a rainwater flood which
has engulfed a whole university.

Water left standing after a flood is a breeding ground for
millions of microorganisms and flood water which contains
sewage and toxins will only speed up that growth. Viruses,
bacteria and mold spores will inevitably become airborne after
the flood, these can then be inhaled, putting any persons within
the local environment at serious risk of disease.

Unlike most 'flood restoration companies' which only arrive after
the flood water has subsided. We offer the opposite service; we
respond immediately and if possible begin pumping the water
away from you property. We can then begin the cleaning away
of dangerous toxins, mold spores and bacteria left behind after
the flood. Only then do we hand over to a 'flood restoration
company' which will start the 'drying out' the property.

tel: 07779031737

Tel: 07779031737
Fire And Flood Kingussie