Decontamination is often associated with the cleaning and disposal of medical waste,
human waste or chemicals used in the manufacturing of illegal drugs.
Decontamination can also involve the deep cleaning of emergency vehicles such as
police cars, prison vehicles and ambulances. Regular decontamination of prison cells,
police cells, hospital wards and operating theatres helps to prevent the spread of
pathogens, super bugs and viruses.
Persons within the private or public sector subjected to any of these contaminants
can contact Biohazard Cleaning UK day or night for further advice and assistance.
Persons are advised not return to the scene for risk of injury or infection!
The police force have a variety of vehicles that enable them to transport prisoners such
as police cars, riot vans, custody vans, dog vans etc..
Due to the nature of the job; Urine, vomit, blood, saliva and other bodily fluids are
likely to become present during a shift. It is essential that these vehicles are kept to the
highest standard of hygiene and decontaminated to protect drivers and passengers from
dangerous airborne pathogens.
Biohazard Cleaning UK will thoroughly
deep clean any form of transport used
by the Police force. Working day or
night to cause minimum disruption to
your operation, offering a rapid
response throughout the UK.
It is a common theory amongst many
health professionals that ambulances
have been the weakest link in the fight
against MRSA and other such super bugs.
Bacteria which leads to such super bugs
is thriving in ambulances, increasing the risks of further infectious outbreaks
once they arrive at the hospital. Also due to the nature of the vehicle it is
almost certain that traces of bodily fluids, blood and vomit will still be present
in the vehicle even after the crew clean the vehicle between shifts.
Over the course of an arrest, an offender may contaminate a police cell, also
known as custody suite. The contamination may of been caused by an injured
or nauseous person or even an infectious disease.
Operating theatres require the highest level of deep cleaning, blood, bodily fluids, sharps,
needles, operative waste and infectious disease are a daily occurrence in most operating
theatres throughout the UK. From a steam clean of a operating theatre floor to a complete
enzyme-based chemical decontamination and sanitisation.  We can offer a complete operating
theatre cleaning service, cleaning structure and fixed items of furniture.
TEL: 07779031737
Biohazard Cleaning UK can deal with all
types of contamination from human
blood, bodily fluids and faeces. To the
more extreme decontamination such as a
trauma clean, in which the offender has
tragically passed away. We use the most
advanced enzyme detergents and viricidal
cleaners to sanitise and deodorise any area
24 hours a day.
We can offer a rapid response to all areas
of hospital decontamination. From the
control of super bugs, deep cleaning of
communal hallways to steam sanitising of
areas infected by Norovirus.
Biohazard Cleaning UK
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Others fail to follow'.