As well as dealing with the removal and cleaning of any
biohazard situation, Biohazard Cleaning UK offers biohazard
safe transportation of any biohazard material anywhere within
the UK, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
Just a few materials which would require biohazard
transportation are:

Biohazard waste such as bodily fluids, sharps and blood.
Healthcare waste such as Medical, pharmaceutical or dental
Veterinary waste such as post operative materials.
Funeral home and embalmers waste materials.
Tattoo parlour sharps.
Industrial Biowaste such as chemical or biological agents.
Facility waste such as used oil or mercury.
Offensive waste such as pigeon faeces or female hygiene

Our Biohazard waste transportation vehicles are electronically
monitored throughout their route, ensuring a safe and swift
transit of goods. We carry the relevant environmental and
Biohazard waste carriers licenses and adhere to strict health
and safety guidelines with respect to the handling of
This is a type of waste that is defined as waste that contains
hazardous properties that may render it harmful to human health
or the localised environment. Some examples of hazardous
waste are:

Blood or other bodily fluids
Human or animal tissue
Pharmaceutical products
Syringes, needles or other sharps
Waste can be removed from its current environment once it has
been correctly identified and sorted into types of hazardous
waste, this can be done on site by our operatives or by the client
in certain circumstances such as hospitals and doctors
Waste that is deemed hazardous will be treated either prior too,
or after being removed from site by a number of different
technologies that either disinfect, incinerate or sterilize them.
All of our specialised cleaning operatives undergo rigorous
training in the safe handling, transportation and 'on site'
sterilization of hazardous materials. We are constantly searching
for  state of the art equipment, protective clothing and advanced
chemicals to ensure that every aspect of the hazardous waste
removal is undertaken in a safe, economical and professional
manner. We can remove your hazardous waste any time, day or
night to minimise the disruption to your business.
Medical waste disposal is a major part of our business operation,
we offer this service throughout the whole of the United Kingdom
to all business sectors. We can process all types of health care
waste including yellow, tiger and orange bag waste, sharps bins
and pharmaceutical waste materials. Clinical waste; also referred
to as medical and health care waste - requires correct
identification, handling and disposal. Biohazard Cleaning UK
operates in accordance with the latest environmental, and health
and safety guidance, combined with years of experience and
highly trained operatives we can guarantee an unrivalled level of
service at an extremely competitive price.


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